Antonella NoyaSenior Policy Analyst and Manager of the OECD/LEED Forum on Social Innovation at the OECD

    Antonella Noya has been working for 20 years at the OECD where she is the Head of the Unit on Social Economy and Innovation in the Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Local Deveopment and Tourism. She designs and coordinates the  Directorate’s work in a number of policy areas, including social economy, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and  local social inclusion. She authors, co-authors, and coordinates OECD publications in these and other fields. Antonella is currently coordinating a programme of work with the European Commission on social entrepreneurship.

    Antonella has a background of political sciences with a specialisation in legislative drafting and in economics of territorial development and urban planning. Antonella sits in various international and national scientific and steering committees and  advisory boards (including  the French  National Advisory Board on Social Impact Investing) She represents OECD at the United Nations Taskforce on Social and Solidarity economy and at the GECES (Group of Experts on Social Entrepreneurship) coordinated by the EC.

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